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Welcome to Mega Niche

Mega Niche University was formed as a platform to cover areas from Internet Marketing, Network Marketing, Social Media, Business Development, Self Development, Training and more… We will be hosting FREE meetups where we will be sharing information that can transform your life and help you grow your business endeavors and your way of thinking. There is also going to be lots of different networking involved.

The Team

Video Tutorials

We offer Several Free Online Video Tutorials ranging from Learning Quickbooks to Creating a WordPress Website. We will be coming out with even more video tutorials down the line!

Michael Davids

SEO Tips & Tricks

Want to see what’s behind the Curtains? Learn SEO by the founders of Top Bros Web Marketing Solutions. We Cover the following Areas: Keyword Research, On Page Website Optimization, Backlink Methods, Automation Softwares, Cloning Websites, Video Email Marketing, Local Search Optimization, And much much more….

Jack Stone

Fun Stuff

Check out some of the Free Fun Stuff that we have to offer. If you want to learn how to make some good home cooking recipes, then check out Saftas Cooking Show. Or how about wanting to learn a different blackjack strategy, well Michael Davids has mastered his own system.

Michael Davids