How to Fight a Traffic Ticket – 2 Methods

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Do you get Traffic Tickets?

Most people don’t realize this, but you have 2 ways of fighting your tickets.

What’s even more cool is that the 1st round of fighting this ticket doesn’t involve seeing a judget. The Process is call "Trial by Declaration"

Here is what you do

1. Fill out a form called "TR-205" which is the request for a trial by declaration. This is where you pronounce yourself not guilty with explanations of why you are note guilty. My quick advice for you is LESS is MORE. I have won these by simply stating "I didn’t do it".

This process is sort of like going to court. If the officer doesn’t reply to this letter within 30 days, you automatically win the judgement as if the officer didn’t show up to court. If you do lose the decision, then you go to step 2.

2. Fight it the traditional way, which is go to court and hope officer doesn’t show up.

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