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Big Seminars Coming Soon with more details

Mega Niche University hosting Seminars in Los Angeles on various subjects, primarily focused on Internet Marketing, Network Marketing & Biz Ops.
We are currently looking to host Seminars in Los Angeles & Surrounding areas such as San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, & Ventura County.
Below are class programs we currently offer. We are always looking and will be expanding in other various classes not listed below.
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Create A Blog/Website & Monetize (Make $$$) – Level 1

•  Register Domain Name – Manage DNS Settings

•  Get Server & Install WordPress

•  WordPress – Plugins

•  WordPress – Categories & Pages (Nuggets on SEO)

•  WordPress – Menus

•  WordPress – Theme Settings

•  WordPress – Automated Videos & Articles (Have Mike change it from Gail to TB)

•  WordPress – Editor Settings

•  WordPress – Widgets (Including Videos & Monetized Banners)

•  Outsource Management – Banners, Logos, Videos

Create A Blog/Website & Video Creation – Level 2

•  WordPress – Create HTML Pages (w/ Content, Videos & Graphics)

•  Camtasia Video Maker
a. Pics – Crop and Resize
b. Videos from Camcorder – convert to AVI File
c. Video Screen Recorder w/ Mic
d. Cut, Paste, Effects, Final Touches

•  Youtube – Create, Setup, Upload,

•  Outsource – Videos, Editor

Create A Blog/Website & SEO Marketing – Level 3

•  Google Adwords Keyword Research

•  WordPress + HTML Optimization

•  Youtube – Optimize, Channel, Playlist, Automated Software + Monetize

•  Outsource – Editor, Backlinks