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Accounting is the basics to any business, especially one that will be successful and remain that way.

Quickbooks is the preferred software for small business as it is fairly expense and robust enough to handle all your accounting needs.

We have launched a free website on quickbooks tutorial. That’s right, you can learn quickbooks free.

Under the quickbooks tutorial section, we pretty much run through the basics of setting up a company profile, doing accounts receivable, accounts payable, credit card and bank reconciliation, pulling up reports.

We also have a section called

Accounting 101

where we have different postings regarding different subjects that are to accounting and quickbooks software.

If you check out our Forum, We have a real COOL Feature. Anyone can basically post a question regarding how to setup their quickbooks and what we will do in return is not only answer the question, but we might even do a video response as we did for others. It was posted under Chart of Accounts

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Article Title: Quickbooks Tutorial

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