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Google Reviews Counter version 1.0

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Large – 250pixels
Google Reviews WordPress Plugin
Medium – 190pixels
Google Reviews Counter Generator V2.0
Small – 130pixels Wide
Wordpress Plugin for Google Reviews

If you own a business in which people leave you reviews online such as google maps, then we have a great plugin for you. This plugin will scrape the number of reviews you have and display it in our designed plugin that goes in the widget area. It will also link to your reviews page that way your potential clients have easy access to seeing the good reviews on your business.

You can download our plugin for FREE which will give you access to:
Google Maps
Merchant Circle

You can also upgrade to get Full Access to all of the following Review Directories:
Yahoo Local
Yellow Pages

We will be coming up with upgraded versions that will offer different sizes, different colors, and other different options. Once you upgrade, you will get FREE lifetime license to all upgrades.

15 Responses to “WordPress Plugins”

  1. Dave Turner says:

    Hello, I upgraded to the pro version and after paying at PayPal, I received this message”Thank you for ypayment. Now, go back to your plugin page and refresh it. “. I did as instructed and I am not see any difference in the plugin. It still reads”Upgrade for this services.”

    How do I activate it so Yelp, Yahoo and Yellow Pages show up and can be edited?

    Dave Turner

  2. David Turner says:

    This a fantastic plugin for showing a Review Counter on some of the most popular review sites such as Google, Yahoo, Merchant Circle, Yelp, etc. I work with a few business owners who really strive to get great reviews and this plugin helps to draw in new, potential customers by getting them to read existing reviews, and then later, post their own positive reviews.

    The Plugin is EASY to use, looks, and works GREAT. But the timely, friendly, patient, and persistent support of Jack and Michael at Mega Niche University is unparalleled! I really appreciate seeing people at their best and I can’t say enough good things about this company. I have no doubt I will do business with them again and support them.

    Again… people at their best! We should all be so diligent.

  3. Ryan Kelley says:

    I only want the Google Counter to show up. It doesn’t show up without the letters traversing the boxes. How do I edit?

  4. Maqsood Qazi says:

    I have upgraded to the paid version but for some reason only Google Reviews counter is displaying, others are still blank. What do I need to do.


  5. Maqsood Qazi says:

    Are you aware of the fact that Google has made some change to the ratings and your plug-in now does not show the number of reviews in WordPress? If yes, when do you expect a patch to be available.


    • admin says:

      Yes we are aware of the issue and working on it. We don’t have ETA yet. Google has taken out the actual amount of reviews from some profiles which is causing quite a challenge.

      Hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

  6. Murray Clarke says:

    Hi there the review counter was working very well, displaying all of my google reviews. Then all of a sudden the review count is 0 reviews even though they are still there on google. Can you please email me as I don’t understand what could have happened? Murray :)

    • admin says:

      Hey Murray,

      Google always makes updates and we have to update our software. We are working on it, but this last update has really cause some problems.
      Hopefully real soon it will be updated.

  7. Murray says:

    Hi there thanks for the info I just couldn’t understand it! Google is a constant PITFA yes!! Hopefully you’ll sort the issue soon and I will keep checking back. Many thanks and keep up the great work. By the way, for the new version would it be possible to have a more editable box size like a taller and thinner version? It always seems to crop the words “google and reviews” when I use the larger size. Also if there could be an alignment option that would be great and perhaps a couple of different design layouts to choose from. In any case it’s a great plugin and very grateful to you for version 2 anyhow 😉

    • admin says:

      Hello Murray,

      We probably wont have any major upgrades for the next few months.

      Right now we have been focusing on the Google Issue.

      We will keep your notes in mind for the next upgrade.

  8. Gregg says:

    Hi, Admin. Have you been able to fix the Google reviews counter issue? If so, are you also changing Google Maps to Google Plus? Thanks for your reply, Gregg.

    • admin says:

      Yes we did. If you check in your wordpress site under plugins, there should be an upgrade available to V2.1

      If you are still having issues, let us know.

  9. chris says:

    have paid once and now its asking to be upgraded again paid with email below.. I email once before and have not had a response

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